What You Need to Know about ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION

When your organization receives its ISO 9001 certification, it will do more than just change the way you do business. It will also change the way other companies see you. That’s because there is a certain prestige that comes with this certification. It not only shows that you are dedicated to excellent standards of management operations but also that you can achieve them by being certified according to the ISO 9001 standards.

You do have choices when it comes to attaining your certification in these standards. You would be best served by having this management and operations program administered and implemented by experienced consultants. JR Consultants have that experience and a reputation for excellence. We are able to assist you through the certification process and give your employees the professional guidance they need.

The certification process requires an assessment as well as an audit. Your company’s understanding of the principles of ISO 9001 will be assessed in a written examination during the first part of the accreditation process. The second part will require auditors who are permitted to issue accreditation to evaluate your organization’s adherence to these standards.

Only a UKAS Accredited Certification Body may administer the audit, and JR Consultants is more than qualified for this task. We have audited numerous organizations in the past well as ensured that those organizations have the training and guidance they need to pass the auditing process and receive their accreditation.

Once you have received your certification, your organization will be able to enjoy the prestige and efficiency that comes from implementing these standards. In the past, businesses that have received their certification have shown to have better workplace performance, improved customer service records, increased employee morale and improved management operations. Every aspect of your business will benefit from ISO 9001 certification, and you should only trust experienced consultants to prepare you for the certification process.

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