Carpet Cleaning Business Startup

As with starting any new business the first thing to do is to work out the cost of starting the business. Carpet cleaning businesses have a low start up cost. Essential things you need:

  • Van/Vehicle
  • Carpet cleaning machine
  • Carpet cleaning products
  • Knowledge of carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning startup

Vale Carpet Cleaning Services in Cardiff started off from humble beginnings and is now one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Cardiff and South Wales. They recommend to start with either a second hand or brand new machine, it should be from manufactures such as Prochem or Truvox. There are also some british made machines like Ashbys Ninja and Alltec which are of high quality and last you a long time. Stick to any of those models and you cant go wrong. The same is when it comes to selecting your carpet cleaning chemicals. In fact the type of carpet cleaning chemicals you use are more important than the how good the machine you get is. Buying cheap supermarket brand products can end of doing more bad then good.  You should also go on a one day course on carpet cleaning, there are quite a few courses run in the UK. This will cover the basics such as what products are best suited to cleaning wool carpets, and how to remove common household stains like tea and coffee.

Vale carpet cleaning is a success story of keeping things simple and listening to good practical business advice. Start up the business from home, build up a customer base and slowly build.

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