Aluminium Guttering Case Study

Aluminium Guttering Company Case Study

Surrey resident James Sweeny required new guttering to replace the old, dilapidated guttering systems on his house. These gutters had been in place for, in some cases, as long as 15 years. They were starting to suffer from poor drainage and decay. Mr. Sweeny requested that they take down his old guttering systems and install new ones that would last longer and provide more efficient drainage.

Bespoke Guttering Services sent out an engineer to inspect the premises first of all. The engineer examined the guttering systems and their support. Most of the support work was fine, and it was just the gutters themselves that needed to be replaced.

The engineer did note that because of the leakage the gutters and downpipes had experienced, the roof was suffering from water damage in some places. The Bespoke Guttering installer suggested that Mr. Sweeny call in local Cardiff flat roofing specialist Roofing Matters to have his roof examined for leaks and corrosion, just to be safe.

Over the next few days, Bespoke Guttering sent out a team of engineers to remove the old guttering system. These were continuous aluminium gutters that had rusted over almost completely and were full of holes. They were not really serving much purpose at that point.

The new guttering to be installed was a seamless, aluminium guttering. It was pre-painted to match the house exterior and to provide protection against rust and water damage. Seamless guttering was used to combat the harsh conditions of Surrey, where high winds and saltwater can cause corrosion and damage very quickly to less sturdy.

The seamless guttering system was installed to Mr. Sweeny’s satisfaction. It is expected to last for over a decade, though Bespoke Guttering advised him to have it inspected every few years, just in case excessive damage from weather or debris caused unexpected wear over time. For further information on aluminium guttering visit their website

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